Mechanical(electric)differential bridge-type ship unloader

November 23, 2021

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Mechanical (electric) differential bridge-type ship unloader is a suite of effective, reliable and high performance unloading appliances customized to the port and terminal business handling dry bulk cargoes.

The ship unloader is installed on the port,unloading dry bulk cargoes(coal, ore, mineral powder, cement, coke, ash, grain etc) from vessel`s hold via grab bucket. Discharging dry bulk cargoes to the hopper, then to the conveyor belt via hopper. By conveyor belt the dry bulk cargoes are conveying to the stockyard for storaging.

Bridge-type ship unloader including self-propelled trolley type and wire rope drawing trolley type. Wire rope drawing trolley type including main and auxiliary trolley type and differential four drums trolley type. Differential four drums trolley type including mechanical differential four drums trolley type and electric differential four drums trolley type.

Mechanical (electric) differential bridge-type ship unloader is most advanced and widely used today. Its hoisting system, opening system and drawing system, are controlled by four drums. It was particularly designed for specializing in professional bulk handling solutions that provide very highest levels of performance.